Pepper Aden F1

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Pepper hybrid ADEN F1

Early ripening, large-fruited, excellent eating qualities and marketability

Aden F1 - Early hybrid of sweet pepper may be used for growing in winter, spring plastic greenhouses and in an open ground. Determinate plant type, strong, tall-growing, strongly foliate, well protects the fruit from the sun. From full sprouting to the technical maturity of 45-55 days, to biological maturity of 80-110 days. Pepper fruits Aden F1 are large, trapezoidal, 3-4 chamber, the wall thickness of 6-8 mm, weighing 200 grams. In technical maturity pepper is ivory and in biological it is red. Fruits have great eating qualities, they are easily transported over long distances and have long marketable condition. Pepper is suitable for processing and marketing as green-stuff. Pepper seeds of Aden F1grows through seedlings. The most common method of growing pepper seedlings is seeding in the drawer. Pepper seedlings of Aden F1 planted out at the age of 60-70 days. Number of plants in spring greenhouses are 5 plants per m2 in glass greenhouses are 2.5 plants per m2 at the condition of low-capacity technology. Early-maturing hybrid pepper Aden F1 is resistant to sunburn, tolerant to TMV (tobacco mosaic virus) and CMV (cauliflower mosaic virus). Yields in glass greenhouses are 18-20 kg/m2, in plastic greenhouses are 6-8 kg/m2.

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