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Red beet


  • Common beet Beta vulgaris
  • Goosefoot family

All red beet crops came from wild beet that even now grows in Iran, India, Egypt, Balkans, the Crimea and Transcaucasia. Earlier yellow beet was popular. In 12-13 century red beet was started to grow in Europe. In the 11-16 century it was spread on the territory of Russia and in the 17-18 century it became one of the main vegetable crop. On our territory beets are grown in all regions. Beet is unique crop because of containing of physiologically and biologically active substance. It has high energy value. It contains proteins, fats, fiber, pectin, saccharose, fructose, fruit-sugar, organic acid, many vitamins, mineral salt and micro-elements. Alkaline reaction is a special feature of beets. Beet-roots and young leaves are used for cooking ( leaves have more C vitamin), conserving, drying or for fresh consumption. Men needs at least 7 kg of beets per year.

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