White-head cabbage


  • Brassica oleracea convar. capitata
  • Brassicaceae (Crucifers)

   White-head cabbage came from wild-growing species in Western Europe and North Africa. Long before BC this variety started to grow in Iberia where it was called “aschi”. Then this variety was shipped to Egypt, Greece and Rome. In the beginning of AD they started to grow this cabbage at the Balkans and Transcaucasia. In Svyatoslav's Miscellany (the oldest reference book of Kievan Rus) that was formed in 1076, was special chapter devoted to question of storage and usage of white-cabbage. It was described as daily product. In Ukraine cabbage got a so-called second motherland. Our gardeners are considered as masters of it's growing. In 1875 at Vienna agricultural exposition our cabbage varieties were awarded with medal “For a progress”. This variety was made by plant selection breeder A. Hrachov. Heads of this variety were 70 cm in diameter. They were very firm, white and had excellent eating qualities.

 Vegetable grower from many counties gives a lot of field territory for cabbages. Especially in the countries with middle-cold climate. In Ukraine white-cabbage grows in all regions. Cabbage head is a source of all-known vitamins. For instance it has C vitamin in the same amount as lemon and orange have. Early-ripening variety of white-cabbage predominate late-ripening variety in containing C vitamin, but in the period of storage ascorbic acid keeps better in late-ripening variety ( in the end of the storage head contains 40-50 mg of C vitamin). Cabbage is also a great source of carbohydrates. In average it contains from 1,9 to 5,3 % of glucose and saccharose. In some variety dry basis on the ¾ contains sugar. Also Cabbage is characterized by containing of nitric substances, amino acid. It also has various minerals: kalium (170-190 mg/100 g), calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, natrium, sulfur, chlorine and many micro-elements.

Cabbage can be used for cooking in various ways. It can be consumed fresh, boiled, salted, marinated, soured, dried, frozen, stuffed. The firmer cabbage is the better it is for cooking

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