рe-tsai cabbage

Pe-tsai cabbage Pioner F1

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Pe-tsai cabbage PIONER F1

Excellent eating and commercial qualities

Pioner F1 - Annual plant has a short-day character. It is growing in a frame area in Autumn-winter and winter-spring period, and in an open ground during summer-autumn period. It transplants badly that's why it's better to grow pe-tsai as a potted plants or by sowing in a permanent soil. Two-by-two seeds are sowed at a depth of 1-1,5 cm in a watered soil by using the next scheme 70 x 25-30 cm or 90+50 x 25-30 cm. After that soil needs to be a little tightened. The weak plant needs to be pinched. Comfort temperature for forming head is +15..+18 0C. In the period of growing soil needs to be always watered. Heads forms in 45-55 days after sprouting. An average head's weight is 1-2,5 kg. The yield is 85-90 t/ha. It is suitable to use for salads, soups and for stewing.

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