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Sugar corn


  • Vegetable sugar corn - Zea mays convar. saccarata
  • Gramineae family (Poaceae)

Sugar corn— is a tall-growing one-old-year plant that can be in a height of 3 m ( sometimes even more than 6 m) with a well-developed root system.

  • At the bottom joints of stalk can be air roots.
  • Upright stalk is in diameter 7 cm without domatium.
  • Large linearly lanceolate leaf is in width of 10 cm and in a length of 1 m.
  • Monoecious plant with imperfect flowers; man's flowers form large panicle at the top, woman's form spadices in leaf angels.
  • Each plant usually has 1-2 spadices, sometimes more. Spadices are closely surrounded by foliate cover. Long pistillate stile go at the top of the cover. Wind spreads blossom dust from man's flowers to woman's and settling is started; at first caryopsis is formed.

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