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Marrows and zucchini


  • Marrow - Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas
  • Cucurbitaceae family
    Marrow - is a variety of vegetable pumpkin. South and Central America is a motherland of marrows. We have two types of marrows such as branching and non-branching. The first type forms sprouts with short branches, the second one has no branches. It is short-season crop, you can harvest fruits in 3-10 days after setting. Marrows have less saccharose than pumpkin but more mineral salt and vitamin C. Fruits contain 4-8 % of dry basis, 3% of saccharose , 4-4,5% of anitrogenous agents, about 1% of protein, 2% of pectin, 0,1 % of fats, 0,9 % of cellulose. Young marrows have a lot of starch. Marrows are tasty both boiled or fried. In domestic cooking it is used for soup, salads, borsch preparation and for co conserving.
  • Zucchini Cucurbita pepo L. var. giraumonas
  • Cucurbitaceae family

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