The company's products Nasko vegetable seeds

Production and processing

Nasko - one of the leading Ukrainian companies by seed, cultivation, production, processing and sale of high-quality vegetable seeds.
Proposed range of seeds NASKO includes more than 100 different types of vegetables, carefully confiscation climatic zones for different growing conditions and market demands. The range includes varieties and hybrids that are already proven in the market. But we are constantly expanding our range to meet new market demands, wishes, producers and sellers of vegetable production. Our company is the leader in sales of vegetable seeds such as peppers, eggplant, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, radishes, carrots, and beets.

Our products leadership is the result of many years in cooperation leading qualified international specialists in the field of plant breeding and seed production of vegetable crops from such countries as Italy, The Netherlands, Russia,  Australia, China, who have created disease-resistant hybrids and external factors. We always cooperate with our specialists to achieve new results.

Our main principle - the constant innovation in the production of seeds.

For the production of our seeds we create vital conditions for their cultivation. To guarantee the quality of seed production, NASKO provides complete control over the production and processing in all growing areas of the testes. 

Each batch is subjected to a long process of cleaning, calibration, polishing and quality control at every stage of processing.

All our activities are aimed at creating a competitive product that fully meets the needs of our customers. To maintain our leading position in the market, most of our annual turnover is invested in research and development.




About Nasko company

Agrofirma "Nasko"

Nasko is a seed's manufacturer in Ukraine. We recommend you the best vegetable seeds.

Production and processing

Fresh markets, supermarkets, manufactures of vegetable production are the main quality controller of our company!

Seed's quality

Agrofirma "Nasko" ensures only quality of such seeds that were bought in original package in official representatives or our dealers.


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