Pepper Mitsar F1

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Pepper hybrid MITSAR F1

Early-ripening, large-fruited hybrid of sweet pepper with excellent eating and marketability qualities

Mitsar F1 - Early-ripening hybrid of sweet pepper is suitable for outdoor and under cover growing. Determinate plant type, strong, tall-growing, strongly foliate, well protects the fruit from the sun. The period from transplanting to industrial ripeness is 60-65 days, to biological ripeness is 75-80 days. Medium-sized fruits have shorted trapezoidal shape, 3-4 chamber, the wall thickness of 6-8 mm, weight 110-230 g. In technical maturity pepper is light-green and in biological it is yellow-orange. Fruits have great eating qualities, they are easily transported over long distances and have long marketable condition. Fruits of Mitsar F1 can be used for fresh consumption or for processing. It is grown through seedling. For outdoor planting the following scheme is used (90+50) x 25-29 cm (50-55 thousand plants per hectare). The yield is 60-80 t/ha. It is resistant to vascular disease, fusarium blight and tipburn.

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