Pepper Danai F1

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Pepper hybrid DANAI F1

Early ripening, high-yielding hybrid is suitable for early products

Danai F1 - Early hybrid of sweet pepper. From full sprouting of the plants to industrial ripeness of fruits are 100-115 days, to biological ripeness - 120-130 days. Pepper Danai F1 is medium-sized, powerful and highly foliate. The cone-shaped fruits, they are smooth, medium-sized, weighing 140-170 g. In the industrial ripeness pepper fruits are creamy white, in a biological ripeness they are bright red. The wall thickness of the fruit is 5-7 mm, this pepper has fleshy, sweetish pulp. It is formed 10-12 fruit of marketable quality on the plant during the vegetational season. It showed excellent results in growing for early products in plastic tunnels. Pepper Danay F1 grows through seedlings. The most common method of growing pepper seedlings is seeding in the drawer. The recommended rate of transplanting is 75-80 thousand plants per hectare. The scheme of pepper planting with drip watering is: 90 50 X 18-22 cm. By using sprinkling irrigation the scheme of pepper planting changes to 60 X 20 cm. Yield of pepper Danai F1 outdoors is 80-100 t/ha.

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