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Greens and flavor herbs seeds


Greens and flavor herbs crops is a large group of plants from different families. We consume young leaves, seeds sometimes roots as fresh or as processed. These plants are valuable not just because of eating qualities but also because of health giving qualities and melliferous qualities. Many of these plants are early ripening and can be harvested when other plants are not ripe. The main part of these plants are cold-tolerant and can be grown at different soil types. Plants of this type contain digestible saccharose, proteins, fats, mineral salt, vitamins and ferments that are the source of biologically active substances that help cure cardiovascular system, digestive organ, metabolic disease and others. Plant contains several vitamins that intensify each other physiological action. Aromatic oil, glucosides, tonic substances containing in plants intensify food digestion and appetite. The most valuable is annual green plants for its vitamins and mineral salt. We need just small amount of them per day but they are so useful for our health. They can be grown outdoors or under cover. To receive greens all year they use early-spring, spring, summer, summer-autumn and winter sowing (after every 7-10 days). To greens we refer all variety of salads, spinach, leaf beet, salad mustard, cress, common borage, endive, parsley, basil, salad chicory (witloof).

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Nasko is a seed's manufacturer in Ukraine. We recommend you the best vegetable seeds.

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