Pepper Helios

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Thick-walled, fleshy, high marketability and eating qualities

Helios - Early-ripening variety. From full sprouting of the plants to technical maturity of fruits are 110-120 days to biological – 140-150 days. Low-growing plant is about 30-40 cm. Rotund, round-shaped fruits are smooth, without ribbing. An average weight is 150-200 g. In the industrial ripeness fruits are light-green, in a biological ripeness they are yellow-orange. Wall thickness is 6-8 mm. Variety is characterized by high marketability and high yielding (40-70 t/ha). It is grown through seedling. The age of seedling depends on the aim of production use. To receive fruits for processing 25-45 days seedling are planted out. Planting system depends on irrigation method (70x15 - sprinkler irrigation, 90+50x20 cm – drop irrigation). It is suitable for fresh consuming and for conservation. It is resistant to vascular disease.

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