Green radish Tefi

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Green-radish TEFI

Excellent marketability and eating qualities, resistant to premature seeding, cold-tolerant

Tefi - Mid-ripening variety of radish. The period from sprouting to harvesting is 60-80 days. Radish-root is smooth, round-shaped with a white and green coloring on the top. It is easy to pick out radish-root. An average weight is 200-400 g. The flesh is white, juicy, tender without bitterness, and has slight flavor. This variety is cold-tolerant and likes irrigation. It is suitable for winter storage. Thanks to thin skin radish-root has excellent storage and shipping qualities. This variety can be sown twice per year, the first time is the end of April or beginning of the May and the second time is the first part of July. Resistance to premature seeding and cold-tolerance make this variety very popular.

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