Red-beet Efiop

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High marketability and eating qualities

Efiop - Mid-ripening variety. Leaf rosette is half-raised and not big. Round-shaped beet-root has dark-red coloring without ringiness, smooth and weight 150-250 g. Flesh is tender and juicy. Beet-root is for a two third sunken in the soil thus it is easy to pick out beet-root. Axial root is thin without branching. Sowing should started in a 6-7 days after beginning of the field work, to protect seeds from cold temperatures (+2...+3 0C) that can affect bolting. Seed application rate is 6-10 kg per hectare. The depth of sowing is 3-4 cm, there is no need for thinning out. Variety is valuable for high yield (50-70 t/ha), root marketability, excellent eating qualities in the beginning and in the end of storage.

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