Onion Husar

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Ultra-early ripening, high-yielding, marketability, excellent eating qualities

Husar - Early-ripening variety of white onion. Vegetational period is 70-80 days. Dark-green leaves with a wax bloom, that helps plant resist to disease. Flat-round shape bulbs are not big and weight 50-70 g. External skin has silver-white colour and internal skin is white and juicy. The main destination of white variety Husar is receiving early bunching products, fresh consumption using in cooking and conserving (baby bulbs). It is suitable for short storage. We recommend to grow early-ripening onion Husar in all regions through sowing or seedling. Plant population is 4-6 kg/ha (1,0-1,6 ml plants per hectare). Recommended space between row is 30-45 cm and distance between plants is 2,5-4,0 cm. With drop irrigation we recommend to use 8-6 gutter sowing. The process of mechanical work, harvesting in the field, and onion dying are easier if the distance between plants is equal. It gives opportunity to receive high quality products. Pay attention to irrigation, as onion likes watered soil. The biggest amount of water is needed in the period of bulb formation. The yield of white onion Husar is 30-50 t/ha.

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