Pepper Skif

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Pepper SKIF

Early-ripening, thick-walled, soft flesh, high yielding 

Skif - Early-ripening variety. From full sprouting of the plants to technical maturity of fruits are 108-120 days to biological – 140-155 days. It is medium-sized, half tree-shaped, compact plant in a height of 40-60 cm. Rotund, round-shaped fruits are smooth, an average weight is 150-220 g. In the industrial ripeness fruits are green, in a biological ripeness they are dark-red. Soft flesh with wall thickness is about 8-9 mm. In biological ripeness fruits contain 7,0-8.2% of dry basis, 4.2-4,6% of saccharose, 145-198 mg% of ascorbic acid. It is characterized by its high eating quality and marketability. It is resistant to vascular disease. The yield is 40-60 t/ha.